Personal Training

What makes us different?

It doesn’t matter at what stage in their journey our client might be – they receive extremely high-quality programmes and standards when we work together.

We qualified under the National Academy of Sports Medicine (one of the USA’s most respected training courses and education providers) and took our knowledge much further, to significantly more advanced levels.

One of the key methods we use to train people is a system called the Optimum Performance Model (OPT). This system, and our advanced Strength and Conditioning specialisms are applied in every programme.

Our methods recognise tech, modern work, and more sedentary lifestyles have negatively impacted on the population, leading to all kinds of movement dysfunction, pains, and chronic injuries.

OPT addresses this issue and the model can be applied to beginners’ programmes and those for experienced athletes.

After a thorough, systematic assessment of our client, we design our programmes to integrate: Stability, Strength, Power, Balance, Plyometrics and Range of Movement.

We have very detailed knowledge around proven injury-prevention techniques and coordinate these into every single strength programme.

The risks of pain/injuries can be reduced, and the presence of many symptoms can be reversed.

Exercise selection and progressions are specific to every client’s actual needs and no exercise or programme is ever cookie-cut.

The integrated system is based on rigorous research, and it’s proven to create much safer, far more effective training programmes.