Corrective Exercise Therapy

We are specialists in assessing posture and movement patterns, having qualified as a ‘Corrective Exercise Specialist’ (CES) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

By analysing a client/athlete’s movement patterns, we identify overactive and underactive muscle groups and compensations. These specialist techniques in Sports Medicine are supported by reliable scientific evidence and are used by many professional sports teams and athletes.

Corrective Exercise is a technique that uses an advanced understanding of anatomy, and biomechanics to address and fix muscle imbalances to improve the overall quality of movement during training, competition and in everyday life.

The goal of corrective exercises is to achieve better movement patterns across muscular systems.

These improvements help to prevent and reduce the risk of injury and address pain that might exist (caused by muscle dysfunction). In addition – once muscles are trained to work efficiently and in cooperation, athletes can generate greater forces. This can significantly improve physical performance.

Stronger. Faster. Higher.

Importantly – this is an NCCA accredited course. It is highly regarded within the fitness industry, as the NCCA is a gold standard.