Strength, Movement & Injury Prevention

Expert, customised training in a high spec, private studio space. Get ready to start your fitness journey, or to get your fitness to the next level.

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Private Studio

High Spec Equipment

Craig McGill

Founder & Lead Practitioner / Coach

We have the knowledge and skills to help you programme your training to optimise all forms of strength, aerobic power, and speed. These abilities are enhanced by our specialism in assessing and improving human movement patterns and posture, reducing, and reversing risks of injury/pain.

Qualified to the advanced levels needed to work across a range of clients’ abilities, we will support you (or a team) increase your athleticism, train efficient movement, and structure evidence-based programmes.

Underpinning all our work are the knowledge and techniques designed to reduce risks of multiple chronic injuries. (eg. ACL rupture, Lower Back Pain, Shoulder/Lower Limb strains and tears, Patellar and Achilles tendonitis).

Custom — Designed Programmes

Comprehensively designed around your specific, individual movement patterns using reliable techniques developed by the National Academy of Sport Science means programmes are never ‘off the shelf’.

Sports training to prevent injury

We place injury prevention at the centre of the framework. From a team perspective, it has been shown in multiple academic studies that those who keep a higher percentage of their players on the court or field and off the injured list in a season, win more frequently than those that don’t. It might logically be argued that training to avoid injury should be as much of a priority as training to maximise performance.

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